U CAN LEARN first started in 2001 as a testing and tutoring center, with one facility at Research Park at the University of Utah. Well into our fifteenth year as a 501©(3), we have provided thousands of children in the Salt Lake City area with effective, low cost treatments for dyslexic, attention deficit disorders, visual processing disorders, academic problems, speech and language problems, and memory and learning deficits. With a staff of two specially trained teachers and therapists, we are a one-of–a-kind-learning center, providing solutions for bright children and adolescents with:

 Lower grades in the academics
Slow processing speed
 Visual and/or Auditory processing disorders
 Dyslexia/reading failure
 Dysgraphia/writing problems
 School anxiety
 Memory loss due to concussion or post-chemotherapy

* Children who have the ability to learn if taught the correct way. *

U CAN LEARN, a non-profit facility, is perfect when tutoring is not enough.